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at the farm Pomaria

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The fruit and wine farming business is run by Klaus. Since the summer of 2002 we have offered our guests two apartments.
If you are interested, we like to give you some information about the work on an orchard and vineyard during the year and South Tyrol wines in general. We hope you can take a piece of your holiday home.
Our daughter Lydia was born on 13.04.2009, and is the "mini-boss" at the farm!

The dawn of spring
In spring nature awakes from the “winter sleep” and the work also begins outside again.A breathtaking spectacle of nature as the land stands in the flower blossom.A stunning event which draws you over and over again. However, the weather does not always mean well during the period of bloom. With night frosts the flourish must be protected by water sprinklers.

Summer sun
dreaming ...
allow the soul to relax
suspend every day life

Autumn – harvest time in South Tyrol
Autumn – harvest time In South Tirol, scenery dresses in a color-splendid garment. autumn brings a move in the land. In autumn there is a lot to do in agriculture, because now the work of one year yields fruit. The knowledge and skill of the wine maker is needed to produce high quality wine.

magic winter
Winter vacation in Tramin. As a winter sportsman you have a big choice of ski areas in not to far of a distance. But the Christmas atmosphere with Christmas markets and nativity scenes in December can also entertain you. To join the Traminer, the "Egetmann", carnival is an unforgettable experience for carnival lovers.

Klaus Rellich | Weinstraße 46 | 39040 Tramin | Südtirol-Italien | Tel +39 0471 860 545 | info@ferienhof-rellich.com